About Danielle

Faith, Hope, Believe, Expect, That's when God will move on your Behalf!

I am one serious chick, who also LOVES to have fun and Has A Life Passion to Inspire the Lives of Others!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with my Own Business. I get to teach a variety of Fitness Classes, from Chalene Johnson's formats, like Turbo Kick, PiYo Strength and Insanity as well as Weight training classes called Megaflex and now even TRX; as well as do Personal Training at a Fitness Facility called Elite Fitness in Homer Glen, IL. This is a place where I get to connect with others and teach them how to be healthy and fit, at the same time I build relationships with them and they become a part of my life and my heart. I also do in home training as well. If you are thinking about trying out a Fitness class jump over to my Live Class page, or if interested in personal training jump over to my Personal Training  page for more info. Thanks.

For me growing up, I was the friend that everyone came to with everything, I always had a heart filled to help out anyone in anyway I could. I believe I was born this way as a gift from God, I also know that I learned a lot from my mom who always was there for everyone and worked very hard to raise a family and work at the same time. Having a mother and father that stayed together during the hard times and saw their kids as a priority was something that is instilled in me for life! I am thankful for that everyday! I remember my mom and dad would exercise and take that time for themselves to be healthy. That clicked for me: I need to show everyone that they need to do that too!! I loved fitness and finding ways to eat healthy, I looked into every show that was on about fitness, read everything I could get my hands on and, that is how it began. At a very young age I started teaching fitness classes and then got my Personal Training certificates. Realizing after so many years later, that Something Was Missing! I was working so hard to help everyone reach the dreams that they had and only Part of mine were being met! My purpose is Bigger than just that! I remember saying, I need to reach more people, do more for others and reach my financial and physical goals too. I have a family now and this is about all of us not just me. So, I took a Huge Leap and made a decision to get myself surrounded with others that were thinking the same thing and who would be a Big Stepping Stone for me and my family to Change Ours and Others Lives!!

I added more to my Own Business! With Marketing in the Fitness Industry- and  so far have achieved the Level of a Diamond Coach!! As a Rep for Beachbody: I now get to reach more people than ever before. I simply get to point out great Fitness and Nutrition programs to people that are looking for help and I do it all from my Home! These programs are from the Multi-Million Dollar Fitness company that has tons of well know brands like: Turbo Jam/Fire, P90X, Insanity, and the Healthiest Meal of the Day- Shakeology!! I have been a coach for approximately 2 years and I have been able to help my family in more ways then I ever could have imagined! My husband Lost over 50 lbs! I am working about 1-2 hours a day doing this and helping my family pay for food each week. I have a goal to be able to do more for my family in time. That is really what a lot of this is about, it spending more Time with family. A thing we all say we want more of, TIME!! Being Financially Independent will allow this to happen more. So, on I Go!!

Yes, On I Go! I have been able to introduce this business to friends, family and many others as well. This picture is a blend of so many of us and Our teams! It is amazing that so many of us our on this journey of being healthy physically and financially. I believe that if we all make time each month to give our body, mind, soul, family and money some Attention, we can all start a fabulous year and be in Physical, Financial, Emotional, And Spiritual Shape! The relationships we are building is what will last a lifetime! We are spread across the Chicago area as well as the States. For me I was always in pretty good shape, I do admit that as a clean healthy eater, I do love my chocolate as well as some other treats from time to time. As I got older and had my two children, it did become harder to keep my body the way I wanted. I struggled and discovered I have Hypothyroidism, I also had surgery for removal of a diseased Gallbladder. Being a migraine suffer my whole life always put a hold on me from being able to work long hours, so this is the right fit for me! I can teach the classes I love, train my clients and work my business from home. If I have a migraine day, I take it and focus my effort on the next day! So I say this because, even though I am a Fitness Professional, I am still real and human and have issues to deal with everyday too! I stay on track by drinking Shakeology everyday,both my Tom and I drink it!  I say this because I had to do it to know that difference in how I feel on it. It is a life saver to me! I also Love the P90X Program and regularly do this at home. It gives my body the workout I need and want! Yes, I teach classes, but that is not my workout, that is for me to teach others, I need my own workout to stay strong and balanced!
For me! I know deep inside my Heart and Soul that I was created for More. To be an Inspirational Leader to others, to motivate and get involved with peoples lives. I am living my Life Purpose Today, Now! Showing others how to dream, live, love and be in the best Physical and Financial Shape of their lives! I am looking for others just like me, struggle sometimes and want more out of life, maybe not knowing the way yet....
 Faith, Hope, Believe, Expect, That's when God will move on Your Behalf!

What is it that you need or want right now, Better Finances, Health, Lose Weight, Avoid Surgery, Time with family, Your Own Business, Pay off Bills, Vacation, Food on the table, Be Part of something Great?
It is all possible: Fix your thoughts on what is true and surround yourself with others who will lift you up, push you to reach further than you ever have before and always tell you to never give up!!
Read more of my blog and find more information on Eating Clean and Healthy, Exercise to reach your goals, Fitness Classes and Personal Training and how to Join My Team and get started on your Own Business today!
I live my life with knowing all things happen for a reason, we may not know it yet, just see!!

Love Life, Laugh as You Live and Stay Fit!!