Eating Clean Tips and Meal Ideas

Eating clean for me is a way of life. Yes, I do have some treats too. It is just so important to me to make sure I feed my body what it needs to live a long healthy life and live Beyond Fit. Amen! 

I love to share all I do with others, I have been through some tough times and I know now that it is so important to pass on what I learn. People around me understand that this is a passion for me. I study, practice and share what works!! So, please take a look around and see how I will always share information, facts, opinions and what is working for me!
 I take the research I do and what works and put them together to fit each person that I work with. Its always about a guide for you to find how your body responds to the changes you make. I am always here to encourage and help motivate, I love it when you find that special internal Motivation, it is what will always keep you going! So, I tend to dig deep and ask questions to help bring it out!! :) I have over 20 years in the Health And Fitness Industry and also Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and now am a Certified Health Coach to go along with my other certifications!!! 
CHEERS to your Health!

Eating Clean: Watch the video for some other tips!! Lose 5 lbs and get a Flatter tummy!

What about what I eat: Well here you go!!
I drink Lemon water everyday. I make a cup of hot water and add either one whole lemon or half of the lemon squeezed into the water and drink before I eat anything. I often do this with cold water through out the day too and even more hot at night if for any reason I am feeling a treat has my stomach bloated! Love it!

I usually start my day with Organic or Grass Fed Eggs.  I usually have 2 whole eggs and one egg white. I love to add Spinach or A Green Spring mix into the eggs while they cook, and sprinkle in Turmeric and Kelp seasoning; I also use coconut oil to cook it in the pan.   To balance my meal it usually is with the veggies in there, occasionally and depending on my training schedule, I will have a bowl of gluten free Oatmeal or Quinoa Flakes or 1 piece of Ezekiel Bread. ( I tend to stay gluten free so Ezekiel bread is not often) YUMMY! I also love to add blueberries to my Oatmeal or Quinoa Flakes. 

Snack: This is usually where I have my Shakeology. I love The Vegan Tropical with water and ice.  Some days are Chicken with Veggies. Or An apple with Almond butter or sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Occasionally I will do an Organic Greek Yogurt and fruit, but honestly I do mostly Dairy free so this doesn't happen very often. 

Lunch: This is usually a Turkey/Chicken Salad with either Romaine lettuce or Spinach leaves. Lot's of cucumbers, tomato and some olive oil drizzled on top and lemon juice. And I do a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar. AS I am healing my thyroid I have found that steamed veggies are better for me, so I will steam the spinach or saute them.

Snack: Shakeology here if I didn't have it earlier.  I often do White albacore Tuna or Chicken Breast here with salsa and veggies. I love to add salsa to a lot of food for flavor. I even like to add hummus to it and put it in an Ezekiel wrap or Brown Rice Wrap. 

Dinner: Most of the time we have Chicken, green beans, or broccoli, Rice or sweet potato. I often will do asparagus as it is so good for me and better then broccoli for the thyroid. This may also be my chili, or home made soup using my home made bone broth. 

Snack: Green apple with natural Nut Butter and egg whites and sometimes no nut butter. Or Protein Shake with water and ice!!

On family movie nights, I often make Air Popped Organic Pop Corn. I use a spray bottle and put some Olive oil on it with it and some Sea Salt.

Other Ideas:
I make shrimp with garlic and olive oil. Put olive oil in pan with minced garlic heat it up and add shrimp and broccoli to it! Cook till lightly browned or fully cooked time. depending on what kind you bought.
 Put the shrimp mix over pasta or rice or non at all. This is my husbands FAVORITE!!!  

Want great info on Going Organic and NON GMO, here is a great site to check out and some great Non dairy alternatives that are Non GMO!

Please go to daily posts to get in on the Eating Clean 30 Day Challenge!! Daily posts and videos to keep you going and help You create the Habit of Eating Clean!!

These can be your inbetween main meals or snacks. As I have listed a sample meal plan above, sometimes your looking for a few other ideas to help.
1. Pumpkin seeds and an apple, I buy raw pumpkin seeds and soak them for a bit and then roast them in the oven for about 12 minutes on 350 with a little olive oil and sea salt. My kids love this.
2. An Organic Brown Rice Cake with organic almond butter on top
3.  Sliced up chicken breast with salsa on top and sliced up cucumbers and tomatoes.
4. 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, sliced up peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.
5. Some sweet potato with cinnamon sprinkled on top with Ground Turkey and Salsa over the top.
Many Many more.........