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I always get asked- What workout program do you use, what supplements and vitamins do you take? So I put together the top products that I use and that I recommend. I find these products to be the best out there today and I have seen amazing results with them. So here we go!

P90X- This program offers so much for so many people. It has been thought of for only people that are already in good shape. I tell you this: If you are worried about it being too hard, Stop that! It is meant to be a push and make you work! That being said, MODIFY!! You can modify everything to fit your fitness level. Now, I will tell you this, if you don't make it through the whole workout, so what, do Your Best- That is what counts. Work hard and give all you have. You will improve and get stronger along the way!

I workout to this program and I LOVE It! You can ready more about my story and results in my Transformation Story Tab.

Turbo Fire:
OH Yeah! Talk about an awesome workout. I teach Turbo Kick in the gym. Chalene Johnson created these workouts, so they are Kick Butt and Fun!!

I love to change up my workouts and on days that I am doing cardio, I choose Turbo Fire or Turbo Kick.
I always feel my core after these workouts and I am a fat burning machine for hours afterwards too! I like that :)

I say alot about Shakeology in the Tab called: Healthiest Meal of The Day! Please feel free to go there and see my video on what I think of it and why I drink it everyday! I truly love this shake and I highly recommend it to everyone that isn't allergic to dairy! It is oh so good.

The most important point I want to make to people about Shakeology is this. It isn't just a protein shake. You have to truly look at what is in it and understand the quality of what You are putting into your body. I used to just use Protein powder, it may have been cheaper but it didn't have anything anywhere near what Shakeology does and the fact that it helps my digestive system, no one can argue with that.

I also use Protein Powder: I love Beachbody Vanilla Protein Powder as well as Designer Whey all natural Protein Powder! I add 1/2 a scoop to my Shakeology or 1 full scoop on its own depending on my workouts for the day!

I also take vitamins: This is what I get from Beachbody, it comes in a pack together! I love it!

Core Omega-3™

Core Cal-Mag™

ActiVit® Multivitamin - choose Metabolism Formula or Body Toning Formula

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