My Transformation

Me Before
Me After

As a women who started in the fitness industry years ago, I have been through some things that I would like to share with you. My story!!
My name is Danielle Laux, I am a wife and mother of two wonderful boys. I have always suffered from migraines and have gone through time where they are really bad and then manageable. I am a women who is filled with passion and desire and I want to always DO More with life and help others be successful as well. So sometimes the migraines would really get to me.

After the birth of my first son, I did pretty well getting back into shape, I taught fitness classes and was managing at a local fitness gym. Well that had me working a lot of hours on top of being a mom, I was exhausted to say the least. That is when I started drinking coffee. Which by the way I swore up and down I would never do!! So, keep pushing on! A few years later my second son was born, this time it was a harder pregnancy. I had to give up teaching because of early contractions and some complications and spotting. When my water started leaking and I went to the hospital a couple weeks early, I had to stay in bed on an antibiotic IV. No, fun! Anyway, we do what we have to for our children. OK, so it wasn't long after that and my second son was born, healthy!
Now, I was fine too, only this time it was a little harder to get back the shape I knew I could be. I did do it though. I actually got into the best shape of my life from using a workout DVD program at home and in the gym.

Something was wrong! I started really getting fatigue and worse migraines, horrible stomach aches and pains. My body was shutting down and hurt everywhere, everyday! What! I investigated and was looking for answers. Well, I got them. I got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Yes, me, a young, healthy chick who eats well and exercises! That is why I knew something was wrong, I am in tune to my body and as healthy as I was, I wasn't!

After starting medication for that, I was still experiencing the pain in my abdomen and it was really bad during intense exercise. So for 2 years, yes 2 years I had been suffering with one test after the other. Showing I had ovarian cysts, but that couldn't be the area I felt on top of that.
So, under the knife I went. Yes, surgery to explore! The surgeon found my gallbladder had been diseased, so he took it out. I also had a very large cyst he dissolved. After surgery I ended up getting very sick and it took me longer to recover. So I was off of my workouts and classes about 3 months.
That is a lot of food that I was used to eating and now wasn't burning off anymore!! Oh boy. I did pretty good eating healthy, and have to tell you that I did put a little bit of weight on, nothing major but for yourself it is different. So, I have to tell you more!

On this journey I  added to my personal training business by becoming a rep for the company that produces P90X, after all that is the program I did to get in the best shape of my life. I was waiting for the shake called Shakeology to come out. This is the main thing that has helped me, even after my surgery when I was so sick, it helped me feel better and kept my digestive system working better. To this day I have been dealing with IBS as well. Knowing my system and how it has changed is empowering because it is extremely frustrating trying to figure out what to eat and not so you don't trigger migraines and IBS attacks.
For me now it is Shakeology everyday!! I am getting back into my workouts and have my shape back. Now on to building more muscle!! Yeah! I also am not on Hypothyroidism Medication anymore either. I am doing all natural supplements!!!!

                And here I am at my First Two Figure Competitons: March 31st 2012 and April 7th 2012!!

 On this journey I also have made some other great things happen. I became a Diamond Coach! I love helping my team reach their goals. I have been able to help my family financially and that is a great joy. For we all know the struggles of money and when you are off work. Especially because before my surgery, my husband had an injury to his ankle and was off work for 6 months. Ouch!! I am at a point now where I make a Full Time Income, and I don't work full time hours at all. I have FREEDOM to compete and be a mom and teach the fitness classes I love and do online consulting for people in other states too. Its My Dream Come True!!
I am so thankful for this business and how I have personally grown, the friendships I have and all the great joy of knowing I am making a difference in the obesity epidemic in the country.
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Thank you so much