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Dani Laux has been offering this amazing Slimming Group to Women who are Sick and Tired and now are Serious and Ready!! Women Looking to Lose Weight and Inches in the Hips, Thighs, and Waist area, women who struggle with eating and want to see change and real results, women who may also struggle/suffer with issues like Migraines, Hypothyroidism, daily pains and aches as well as digestive issues!

Dani has been a sufferer for years of these things and has been doing the research and working with hundreds of women for over 24 years. Dani is a mom of two boys who also have issues like food allergies and Crohn's disease, so she continues to learn all she can to help them, her self and others on a daily basis. Dani is a mom who has gone from struggles of anxiety, weight gain, financial disaster, and more, to losing over 12 lbs, becoming a Figure/Bikini Competitor, Certified Holistic Health Coach and successful business developer earning a full time income while helping other women do the same. Dani has put together  Test/Challenge/Transformation groups, that helps women reach their goals not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and also financially! There are always options and Dani has them set up for you so you can start to live the life you want and FEEL GREAT doing it!!!!
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The Slimming Test Group will include: A Meal Plan for your 21-30 Days, Recommended Supplements for you to purchase that Dani has found works and is KEY To helping you see Results, Option to be on Dani's Team and Receive Discounts on products and get amazing Accountability with the option to learn how to earn income too. Also: Video Tips and a Private Face book accountability group for constant encouragement and help to stay on track with NO EXCUSES!! As well as The One and Only Five/Seven day Kick Start nutrition plan!!!!

Results So far have been amazing! Anywhere from 5-20 lbs in weight loss as well as over 12 inches for some. Those that stick with it are even down 45 lbs and even 60 lbs so far. Its not all about the weight loss either, some have learned how to eat in balance and not use food as a comfort or go to. As well as created new habits and have a new understanding of how to manage life with pain and issues and still be successful in reaching goals and live the life they truly want.
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